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Warm Up on the Beach

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Day by Day Fitness

Making positive changes daily


Service Locations

San Carlos

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Client Location

Services may be provided in client home, an outdoor park or at client's own gym (client must arrange with gym management).

My Story

I'm Sandy.  I have always loved health, fitness and being active.  However, like many others, I found that making time for my own health and fitness was difficult.  I would find myself wanting to quit because I couldn't find time for the ideal activity/class/exercise session I wanted to do, or by thinking I would have to start over if I missed a week at the gym because of a vacation or busy work week. I finally learned that I needed to be more practical in my approach to health and fitness.  I had to do things "Day by Day."  I allowed myself to rethink my plans based on what I was able to do each day physically, emotionally and time wise.  The non-negotiable was I had to do something for my own health and fitness each day. A 30- min walk, walking the stairs, weight training, stretching/foam rolling, a dance class, meditation, any of these or a combination.  This is my life and I'm making it mine.  ​Now I am excited to help others find their own health and fitness program that works for them. Their time, their abilities, their location. I look forward to serving my community.

Stone Balancing

My Symmetry Story

I have been a dancer all my life.  My shoes used to always wear excessively on the outside edges. No one thought anything of it and mom just took them to the shoes repair store and that the shoes built up and reinforced.  I then went into nursing where I have been for over 25 years, and with lots of repetitive movements, improper postures needed to get things done, I had many incidents of back pain. Work related injuries seemed part of the job.  Treatment for pain and injures always centered around the area of pain.  Shoulder injuries and pain focused on that specific joint.  Falls that resulted in back or hip pain focused on the pinpoint areas of pain.  Did I feel better, well temporarily.  I felt like my warranty of my body being able to function was running out.  I was always in some type or pain or injuring myself again.

However things changed when I met Patrick Mummy at a fitness conference. His lecture and demonstrations about how practitioners need to look at the postural body as a whole and how misalignments can lead to pain and more injuries made sense to me.  I read Patrick's Book "The Physics of Pain."  It was like an "aha" moment for me.  All those years of my shoes showing improper wear were signs of misalignment, all those improper postures I took on to do my job led to more misalignments. No wonder I was developing tremendous arthritis in my hips, knees, back and shoulders.   My symmetry score was a 41 out of 81(highest number)--not good.  But within 3 months of performing my symmetry routine my score went down to 24, I was having minimal pain, and I felt the ability to more much easier.  Symmetry works!  I wanted to help share this amazing program with others so I studied Patrick's program and became a Certified Symmetry Practitioner.  I love living a pain free life and I hope to help others enjoy the benefits of Symmetry.

What Symmetry Clients Are Saying

“If I would’ve started with Symmetry in the beginning, I wouldn’t have had the first back surgery. And if you have had a back surgery, I’d start with Symmetry because then you can avoid a second back surgery.”

Dan Dreher


Posture is so important to health.  Imbalances in our body can impair function, cause pain, and if uncorrected can lead to body that is functioning at least 50% of its ability and in severe pain.  Let Symmetry help you!

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