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About Us

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My  Story

I have always loved health, fitness and dance. Active all my life.  But as I got older, I noticed I wasn't functioning as well.  Bury life, being a nurse, mom, wife, teacher, I found myself putting everyone and everything before myself. It took a lot of personal inward work to find the areas of my life that were out of balance. Then I decided to reorganize my life and priorities.  Looking at everything I wanted/needed to do was overwhelming, so I started show, and I started making changes "day by day."  Eating better, drinking more water, participating in activities that were fun, joyful, social, empowering helped get me into better frame of mind.  The physical changes followed.  Participating in Symmetry for Health, Zumba, LaBlast, Personal Training, Life Coaching were all programs that helped me.  I wanted to help others to feel their physical and emotional best through health and fitness.  I am certified in Personal Training (NASM), Group Fitness (ACE). Stretching/foam Rolling (SCW). Pilates Mat (SCW),  Symmetry (Symmetry for health), and Certified Life Coach (SCW).   I am here to help others to function their best so they can live their best life.

My Vision

I am excited to help others find their own health and fitness program that works for them. Their time, their abilities, their location.

My Symmetry service will help clients to live life more aligned and hopefully pain free. Personal training can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. If you are struggling with how to fit things into your life that make you happy and have time for, I can meet with your for  life coaching sessions to help.

I look forward to serving my clients and community with services that will help you live a more fulfilled, healthy and fit life.

Personalized exercise
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